My Bucket List

Is there a better way to start a blog, than with writing a bucket list? Well, I don’t think so!

my bucket list

question „So what is a bucket list?“, I hear you ask. It’s a list of things you’ll definitely want to do before you kick the bucket (a.k.a. die). And as we all know, this day is going to come sooner or later. So better start working off that list, before it’s too late! Also, it’s a list for self-improvement, and broadening your horizon should be your everyday goal.

To help me remember and achieve those things, I want to share my list with you. I had one lingering around in my mind for way too long, now let’s set it down in black and white! Apparently, this is just a starting point. I’m going to extend and adapt this list, whenever I feel like there’s something missing. And of course, – best case scenario – whenever I can tick off an item!

  • Keep this blog alive (You are my motive force!)
  • Get a photo published on a book cover
  • Release an editorial in a magazine
  • Publish a book (haven’t thought that this would actually happen before my mid-thirties …) – 2012 ✓
  • Have a solo art exhibition
  • Take a portrait of a musician I admire
  • Become an Adobe-Certified-Expert
  • Learn to draw properly
  • Record a song
  • Learn to play the djembe (I did own one for ages and still don’t know how to play it … d’oh.)
  • Learn to do the splits (working on it – yoga FTW!)
  • Get deeply involved with astronomy
  • Do volunteer work – 2015 ✓
  • Live in a foreign country (preferably somewhere up north with a great art scene)
  • Visit all European Capital Cities (8 out of 47 done – way to go)
    Vienna – 2000 ✓ Prague – 2003 ✓ Berlin – 2009 ✓ London – 2009 ✓ Rome – 2013 ✓ Amsterdam – 2013 ✓ Copenhagen – 2014 ✓ Paris – 2019 ✓
  • Buy a kilt in Scotland – 2009 ✓
  • Visit Loch Ness and say „hi“ to Nessie
  • Experience Sylt by bike, enjoy the dune landscape and lighthouses
  • To marvel at the skyscrapers in New York City
  • Take a trip around Iceland – 2018 ✓
  • See the northern lights
  • Swim in the Caribbean sea – 2012 ✓
  • Relax on a secluded idyllic beach – 2012 ✓
  • Enjoy a cocktail out of a coconut – 2012 ✓
  • Travel across South-East-Asia – 2015 ✓
  • Learn diving in warm and crystal clear water – 2015 ✓
  • Learn surfing in Hawaii (without getting smacked in the face by the surfboard, … at least not too hard)
  • Drink mint tea in Morocco
  • Feel the desert sand against my toes – 2015 ✓
  • Visit the pyramids of Gizeh
  • Go on safari in Namibia
  • Go hiking in La Réunion
  • Visit the „Burning Man“ festival – Midburn in Israel 2018 ✓
  • Take a ride on the Trans-Siberian Railway
  • Go to the airport and buy a ticket to a random destination
  • Fly with a hot air balloon
  • Fly with a helicopter
  • Visit an aircraft’s cockpit
  • Skydiving (even though I’m afraid of heights, but life is about overcoming your fears, right?)
  • Fly to the moon (oooh yes, please!)

What’s on your bucket list? Please share, I’d love to know about it and maybe you’ll be inspiring me to even add some more stuff to mine! And now off to completing these tasks! smile

exclaim By the way, here’s a great guideline to help you set up your first bucket list: How To Make Your Bucket List

4 Antworten zu “My Bucket List”

  1. andybrandy sagt:

    really nice list – there is much to do for you! i hope you finish all your goals and so you can die happy :)

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