Inspiring Music Videos #02: Glitter

[ADVERTISEMENT] In Inspiring Music Videos #01 it has been rather dark and moody. This time, I’ll bring some more light and optimism into this blog post! Let’s get shiny! star

Make it sparkle and I’m madly in love within seconds! Yes, … apparently I’m as simple as that!

These are by far the most wonderful music videos I’ve ever seen. Be sure to watch them in the best quality possible! Oh, and of course, not only the videos are some of my favourites, also the songs are. heart

No more words needed. Now let your room and heart illuminate for the next ~15 minutes:

Remember: „Don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle.

Do you have any glittery recommendations for me?

Eine Antwort zu “Inspiring Music Videos #02: Glitter”

  1. […] No kissing involved, but a lot of sensuality going on! Oh, and there’s glitter! GLITTER! […]

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