Koh Lanta // Thailand

… this is where I left my heart! heart

I was quite insecure in the beginning, if Koh Lanta might be the right island for me. But I am extremely happy that I put all my pondering aside and visited it regardless all doubts! smile

Lanta had everything I was looking for: a laid-back atmosphere, friendly and helpful people, nice and soft sandy beaches … and in case you are looking for some nightlife action, you might as well find it there!

Prepare yourself! Lots of photos coming up, but I had such a hard time choosing, because it’s all just sooo pretty and every part of this island is worth sharing! blush


Many accommodations on Koh Lanta are situated at Long Beach (Phra-Ae). It’s a relaxed area with an enchanting beach and there are plenty of restaurants or street food options around.

The non la mer hostel has been recommended to me, but unfortunately they were fully booked on my day of arrival, this is why I stayed at The Metallic for three nights at a private room before changing to a dorm room at the non la mer hostel. Both hostels were a good choice, the staff was always really helpful and their English skills were excellent. Nonetheless I preferred the non la mer, which is Thai for „sleepwalking“, because of its lovely atmosphere and nice interior design! star


On day two, by the time I finally managed to start my motorbike’s engine, I happened to find a little paradise on Koh Lanta: Khong Klong beach! Besides some fishermen and some cows there was almost no one around – perfection! smile The water was crystal clear and the sand supersoft and free from any trash. I decided to get some breakfast at the restaurant and then explore more of the island!


One of my life-long wishes was to learn how to dive! Emre, whom I got to know in Bangkok, and a diving instructor himself, recommended Go Dive Lanta to me, which is why I chose to do the PADI Open Water Diver course there, even though it’s much more expensive than on Koh Tao. Koh Tao is said to be the cheapest option for diving courses here in Thailand. Unfortunately there are lots of damaged corals thanks to unwary divers, though they now try to rehabilitate the reef.

So due to this recommendation and their good reviews online I chose Go Dive Lanta and enjoyed the best time with my french instructor Nathalie on Koh Haa and Koh Bida! The warm and intimate atmosphere among the staff on board made it really hard for me to leave after these three lovely days!

And somehow I seem to be the luckiest person ever: Because on my first day of diving, I’ve already seen a whale shark!!! surprised I feel quite spoiled, and now expect this to happen everytime I am underwater … hehe bigsmile

Besides this big impressive fellow, I got to see a seasnake, some beautiful lionfish, facinating (and intimidating) scorpionfish, many cute little clownfish in their anemones, a peacock shrimp trying to fight me, some funny looking trumpetfish, boxfish and pufferfish, lots of colorful parrotfish and many many more!

Now that I’m at the main land for almost one month I feel the urge to get underwater again and dance in slow motion with the fishes! This was definitely another beautiful highlight from my bucket list! smile

Special thanks to Sal, the talented underwater photographer, for allowing me to post this photo of me, that he took! smile

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