MAKING OF … Ambiguous

Have you ever wondered how I created the photos of my „Ambiguous„-series? Here is a little background-information for you! smile On the photo and lighting diagram below, you can see my lighting setup. I used two strobes: The main light source was a medium-sized softbox, and to add more interest in the shot I added a second light source with barn doors and a color gel!

I placed the lights quite high, so that there won’t be any reflection on the glass. The frame itself is just a simple photo frame, of which I cut out the back cardboard. The model then either held it herself, or the make-up-artist a.k.a. assistant helped out, so the model could also use her hands for posing! bigsmile

To create the wet-look effect you simply need a water spray bottle and some styling gel! Get your hands smeary, and voilà: There you’ll have your creative studio beauty portrait! heart

As you can see, the background is just a plain grey background from Tetenal of only 1,35 meters width, but that’s definitely enough for portrait shots. You don’t always need the fanciest equipment to take a nice picture! smile

question Any questions? Please leave a comment!
Also feel free to share your photos you shot using this technique, because I’d love to see them! smile

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