Bangkok // Thailand

A girl from Thailand probably had the best words to describe this city: „It’s a shopping paradise for women, and a sex paradise for men!“. To be fair though, it sometimes also works vice versa. wink

Of course Bangkok has a lot more to offer than just sex and stuff. What I love the most, is the extremely delicious and cheap street food you’ll get on every corner!

Usually Bangkok is the city where most of the journeys around Southeast Asia start. Not a big surprise if you compare flight costs with airports of neighboring countries. So after arriving at the unspeakable Suvarnabhumi Airport, most travelers tend to go to Khao San Road first.

The bus stops a few streets away from Khao San Road, but you’ll only need some minutes to get there by foot. Be sure not to get scammed by the Tuk-Tuk drivers, who are just sitting there in anticipation of unknowing tourists.


It’s the most famous street in Bangkok and the busiest one too! Khao San Road is actually quite small, but you’ll be surprised how many people can enliven this area! Until noon there’s not much going on. Slowly some street food carts are heating up and the shops are putting their goods on display.

People are probably still hung-over from last night’s party, because this’s what Khao San Road is really about! When it gets dark, the music is being turned up louder than one can handle, and the only way to cope with all the noise is to get drunk! Yep, seriously. Every restaurant tries to predominate its neighbors music and sets the level to unbearable. So instead of talking, people start to dance!

After hours of dancing in a club or out on the street, you’ll be happy to enjoy a late night foot massage (like me). bigsmile

Rambuttri Road is parallel to Khao San Road and pretty much the same, but a „bit“ quieter and with less shops around.


As the name implies this market is only opened on Saturdays and Sundays and with its 15.000 booths it’s one of the world’s largest weekend markets! If you want to make a bargain, this is the place to go to.

Because of the huge amount of visitors, the parking lots are completely jam-packed. One employee pushed the cars closer together with only his hands, to fit in as many as possible! bigsmile

I came along with Ed, the lovely Filipino from the Green House, and we roamed the small alleys of the market. After we were done shopping, it took us about 1.5 hours to get back to Khao San Road again, simply because we weren’t able to find the right bus stop. We then gave up and got a taxi instead. bigsmile


Equally crowded and busy as Khao San Road, but with a lot more selfie-action going on, is the impressive Grand Palace in Bangkok. For the most sacred place in Thailand it definitely has an inappropriate atmosphere. I will spare you the historical details, because the Internet knows much better than I do (and I don’t know that much, to be honest). And instead, I’d rather let my photos do the talking! Forgive the me for the amount of photos posted – but as the name says, this palace is huuuge! tongue


At the beginning of my journey I chose to stay at the Green House, which is located in Rambuttri Road. I’ve already had a room there last year, and I was tired after the long flight. So I just got there straight away, because I knew what to expect and that it would certainly suit my needs. The way they welcomed me there made me smile even more! Their receptionists are such lovely guys, and I definitely want to visit them again in the future! smile

After traveling around Thailand and before I went to Siem Reap I stayed for one more night in Bangkok. The Flapping Duck is close to Khao San Road, but it’s not this noisy. And it’s a very popular guesthouse, so be sure to book your stay there in advance. You don’t want to miss out on this one!

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