HOW TO … Improve Your Sleep!

how to improve your sleep //

[ADVERTISEMENT] This ain’t a photography tip nor a travel-related post, but still worth a read as it comes in very handy! smile

Do you belong to those people, who are working late at night and then – even when they’re super-tired – have trouble getting some rest? Well, I do. uneasy This is why I tested two apps and it feels as if it really helps me solving this problem! I installed f.lux on my macbook (also available for Windows, Linux and iPhone/iPad) and Twilight for my Android phone and I recommend you do the same!

It is scientifically proven that our bodies respond to cold light sources, as if it would be bright daylight. This is one of the reasons, why we can’t immediately fall asleep after shutting down our computers.

Of course you can’t use this app, when you are working on your photos. But if you are organizing stuff, writing emails or blog posts, getting your financial crap done etc. this app can help your circadian rhythm.

If you tend to forget to turn off the app while editing (which happened to me a lot in the beginning), you can easily turn it off for individual applications and you don’t have to pay attention anymore when switching to another program. This is the most important setting because your eye adapts very easily and after some time you might not even notice that flux is on!

Also: Try to avoid sitting in your bed with your computer. Your brain will associate it with work and you will also have a hard time sleeping. (Ok, I have to admit, that this is EXACTLY what I’m doing right now. rolleyes I will remove the laptop from my bedroom as soon as I’m done writing this post! … yes! seriously! pleeease … please do believe me!?)


  • Install f.lux on your MacBook, Windows, Linux or iPhone/iPad!
  • Install Twilight on your Android phone!
  • You might also want to check out this helping article by the National Sleep Foundation for more useful information: Healthy Sleep Tips

I hope you will be able to visit dreamland more efficiently now! ^^‘

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