Inspiring Music Videos #03: Passion

[ADVERTISEMENT] It’s all in the kiss! heart

The wonderful Disclosure with their high-quality video for „You & Me“ dedicated 4:45 minutes to this pleasant topic. The video has a certain commercial look to it, because of the studio-atmosphere and its picture perfect models with their flawless, oily bodies. It’s not as realistic, but still lovely to look at.

More down to earth, and including human being likes you and me, is the project „Basorexia I„, which goes along with the wonderful tune of Massive Attacks „Paradise Circus„. Basorexia means „a strong craving or hunger for kissing“, and this is exactly what they achieve with this video. bigsmile

A somehow disturbing video, which I kind of grew fond of over time is „Come Together“ by Sons of the Sea. Apparently the video must have been too explicit for some, which is why there’s also a cute homemade G-rated video on Sons of the Seas YouTube channel.

FKA Twigs is even taking it a bit further and redefines passion with her obscure video for „Papi Pacify„. No kissing involved, but a lot of sensuality going on! Oh, and there’s glitter! GLITTER! star

Enjoy! ^^‘

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