Khao Sok // Thailand

Khao Sok is a sweet and small town in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by all the beauty of the national park. I instantly fell in love with its calmness and naturalness. heart

There were leaves as big as my upper body, snakes fighting next to me in the jungle, monkey bathing in the river, a little caterpillar that welcomed me in my hut (along with a giant spider, which I managed to get outside my hut myself – so proud!) … nature at its best!


Luckily, a guy from Germany recommended me the Evergreen House. The price and value of my pretty hut were top-notch! It’s owned by a lovely elderly couple, who were very helpful and knew how to cook delicious food! They tidied the room daily and even removed the big black spider that enjoyed hiding in between the towels (even though we already got along quite well after one day playing hide-and-seek)!

One thing I absolutely adore about Thailand (and Cambodia too) are these kitschy fabrics with cute bears or other funny designs. Everytime I saw a pillow like that or – better yet – people wearing a pyjama or shorts with these designs, it made me smile! smile

I really enjoyed the first night, but was a bit scared because of the monkeys on the following days. It seemed like they were climbing up the roof and their screams can be quite intimidating. wink Thankfully none of these guys was ambitious enough to squeeze himself inside my hut. bigsmile


My expectations were pretty high from what I’ve heard of fellow travelers and also because of the pictures I’ve seen. They promised me the most beautiful place ever! This is maybe why I wasn’t too fond of the Cheow Lan lake as everyone else in my group. I suppose a Tyrolean girl is quite hard to impress! wink tongue

Also, I don’t really get why some tourists do feel the need to bombard everyone else with their crappy music preferences (Aerosmith – really?! Will this go on forever?) … I came to this place to enjoy nature, to hear the frogs dive into the water and the harmonious din of birds and cicadas. But it just wasn’t as relaxing as I wanted it to be. So I was a bit grumpy at first, but I felt much better after I enjoyed a good swim in the incredibly warm water (one might even say it’s too warm …). smile

On day 1 we’ve been to the bat cave („Namtaloo cave“), where you’ll find many spiders, snakes and – hence the name – bats in it. This has been quite scary and adventurous all at once, but what I didn’t enjoy too much was all the human interaction of the guides with the animals. In my opinion observing without touching or scaring them away with our torches is the right way to act in a natural environment. We had to walk in water with our regular clothes on and in the end we even had to swim! This is why there are no photos from the cave and the pretty limestones in it; I had to protect my camera and left in a safe place. smile

We also did a night safari, where we’ve seen some hornbills, who were sleeping up in the trees. Apart from that it was rather unspectacular. But then again, to gaze at the stars compensated the boring boat safari trip.

The night itself was much calmer than expected. Also because I didn’t had to share my hut with the guide as he would have preferred. wink I was only accompanied by some Geckos. It was like mankind and nature fell asleep simultaneously. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I once again got out to look at the night sky and count the stars up there. star I also went up to the toilets and safely made it back into bed. Not so easy when you take a look at the photos and see path I had to walk on! bigsmile

Day 2 started with a safari again, likewise unexictedly. After breakfast we headed back to the mainland, but before we had to cross a little mountain in a two hours hike. Some did it in their flip-flops (because the guide told us it would be fine); not the best idea. bigsmile Luckily I had my „good“ and already dry shoes on.

Would I go there again? Not sure. Maybe I would only take a boat and book one of the huts and then get a canou to explore everything myself. I don’t think it was worth the money I spent. Still it was a nice experience! smile

2 Antworten zu “Khao Sok // Thailand”

  1. Stephanie sagt:

    Hey liebe Julia!

    Ich freue mich vooooll, dass du in Khao Sok warst.
    Wo bist du denn jetzt mittlerweile gelandet?

    LG aus Wien,

    • Julia Dresch sagt:

      hey stephanie!
      tausend dank an dich für den tipp! :)
      ganz unspektakulär bin ich wieder in meiner heimat in tirol. mal sehen was die zukunft noch so bringt!
      liebe grüße nach wien!

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