Koh Ta Kiev // Cambodia

A lovely quiet place and still a rather unknown spot is beautiful Koh Ta Kiev in Cambodia. In around 45 minutes a fishing boat takes you from Sihanoukville to this undazzled paradise. The island itself is 28 square kilometers big and you can easily explore it within a day.

Many tourists just visit Koh Ta Kiev for a day trip, but if you prefer to relax for a little longer you might wanna stay at one of the atmospheric bungalows, like I did at Coral Beach.

Unfortunately the monsoon season started while I was around. So there was a lot of rain, but otherwise I would never have been able to take this incredible lightning photo! Yay! smile

My personal highlight was a nightswim with lovely people surrounded by glowing plankton! It was the first time I experienced bioluminescence and it kept me amazed! This night I will remember forever and it belongs to my most precious memories from my trip! smile


The folks who work at Coral Beach are like a warm and loving family. They are not averse to the odd drink and they just love to party! Preferably with tequila, but also the locally distilled absinth is among their favorites. wink

There are only some bungalows, so if you’re lucky enough you get one on-the-spot. The bungalows don’t have any doors, so this community is really built on trust. smile Also a dorm room is available. The cheapest option is to have your own hammock and set it up beneath the bungalows. This is a wifi- and mostly eletricity-free zone (only in the evening you can charge your devices). The shower consists of a barrel filled with water and a simple plastic scoop. Warm water? Haha. No. It’s a simple life and it’s a good one!

If you now think that you would rather go to another resort on the island because of that, then your best option is to go to another, more civilized, island. All the bungalows are pretty much the same and you have to appreciate this low standard on KTK. smile

It’s such a wonderful place to be and I hope to be back again soon!

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