5 Useful Tips For Aspiring Fashion Models!

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Everyone knows: If you wanna be treated like a professional model, you gotta act like one! In case you’re at the beginning of your modelling career, you should read these tips carefully. Write me a comment, if you’ve got something to add! Thanks in advance! smile


Be yourself – Be natural! There’s no need to point out your flaws. A good make-up artist, photographer and retoucher will notice anyway. wink And they’ll do their best to let you shine! smile

  • Don’t put on make-up before the shooting! It just takes up unnecessary time to remove and furthermore, it will irritate your skin.
  • Your eyebrows should be put in shape! Nothing worse than retouching these kind of things on every single shot again and again and again … mindblown
  • Needless to say, but … the same goes for shaving. wink
  • Wash your hair one day before the shooting and don’t use any silicone hair products.
  • Well manicured nails are a must! Keep them natural or discuss the color beforehand.


You’ve probably already discussed your shooting ideas with the photographer and know which clothes to bring. Additionally, it is smart to add the following to your suitcase:

  • For the ladies: Bring along some black and nude colored bras and tights. You might have different things planned, than you end up shooting.
  • Same same with shoes: One pair of black and one pair of nude ones are good to bring along.
  • If you are going for nude shots, wear some loose clothes to minimize marks on your body. Also bring a dressing gown and wear it while getting styled.


A variety of poses and expressions is essential and the key to interesting photos. It gets boring to see the same posture over and over again …

  • Practice in front of the mirror and try to remember facial expressions and the muscles involved.
  • Get yourself some guidance books, like the Fashionable Posingbook or Picture Perfect Posing, and copy the poses.
  • Fashion magazines can also be very helpful and they are full of inspirational photos!


These should actually be things considered common sense …

  • Be sure to come on time!
  • Be well rested and motivated!
  • Only bring along your friend(s), if you’ve previously got the OK from the photographer.
  • Be aware that a model release might be waiting for you to get signed and discuss its details in advance.


People put a lot of time and effort into retouching and don’t want to see their unfinished work online. Be patient, and you’ll be happy to get better results! smile

  • If the photographer sends you unretouched photos to choose from, don’t put them online right away. In case of magazine submissions it is important that they haven’t been published yet. Or another simple reason is to keep the photographer’s reputation alive. tongue
  • Do not retouch photos yourself! Only, if you are given permission by the photographer.
  • Do not edit, alter or crop finished shots! It’s the photographer’s work, and she/he decides, how the images should look like.
  • Last but not least: Always give credit to the photographer, or better yet, the whole team when posting images (and again, ask if you are allowed to post them).

Now off you go! Have fun shooting and remember to stay creative! smile

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