Koh Tunsay // Cambodia

Koh Tunsay (also known as Koh Tonsai or Rabbit Island) is a small island about 5 kilometers away from Kep. The main beach on the west side, with its white sandy beach and giant palm trees, is the only one with bungalows for rent. It is also the perfect spot for uber-romantic sunsets! smile

I’m not sure why, but on Koh Tunsay I instantly felt like home. I found my inner peace and spent my days (on this wifi-free island) reading books, learning French, writing blog posts and editing photos. There was not much to distract me from doing what I love to do, and this made me balanced.

The wonderful thing about Rabbit Island is the fact, that it’s more of a vacation spot for Khmer rather than Western people. It had a very authentic vibe and daily life was adapted to the circadian rhythm. I woke up around 7 a.m. and went to bed around 10 p.m., when the power generator had been switched off. Sometimes I used my headlamp as a reading light in bed, but the bugs tried to find a way past my mosquito net, so instead I called it a night. wink

I enjoyed typical Khmer food for little money (around 3$), but had to be careful because those nasty little bugs seemed just as hungry as us. They were bold enough to hide in teapots or baguettes. Luckily never in mine! ^^‘ Just as in Kep, crabs are the local delicacy, and the cook will even catch them right next to you in the sea! It’s as fresh as can be!

Sadly, trash is also a problem on Koh Tunsay, but at least the islanders try to keep the main beach clean. It’s always such a pity to see the most beautiful places turning into a waste disposal. sad

With some lovely guys from Germany and Spain I spent the nights going after mesmerizing glowing plankton! It fascinated us all equally and we enjoyed catching the intense blue lights at the shore! smile

It is possible to walk around the island in about 3 hours, but I only made it to the next beach on my last day. I appreciated the state of not moving too much. bigsmile Anyway, the guys told me, that the beach we were at is the prettiest among them all, and this didn’t really boost my motivation.

Hopefully this place will stay the same for decades! heart

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  1. Steffi sagt:

    Wow, wie immer wunderschöne Fotos. Und ich hab einen neuen Punkt für meine Bucket List gefunden – glowing plankton!!! :D

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