MAKING OF … Shine A Light

Have you ever tried to take photos with a disco ball? It is so damn f*cking difficult!
Maybe it’s much more easier to shoot in natural light, but when you shoot in the studio you have to get the angle and exposure right. Thankfully, my dear model Irma was kind enough to bear with me, until I figured out how to get it done! bigsmile The final shots can be seen here!

To make the light reflections visible, I mounted a snoot with grid on my flash unit and pointed it directly onto the disco ball. Then I was standing right next to the light source taking pictures. It was important to have no direct light on Irmas face, otherwise there wouldn’t be any of the pretty light dots visible.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a proper photo with my camera. But at least I had this shot saved on my phone. Hopefully you get an idea on how I managed to get the desired results! smile

If you are a pro and have lots of experience shooting disco balls, please let me know your secret! smile

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