What To Pack For A Long-Distance Flight!

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Usually I only tend to fall asleep on a long-distance flight when I get too exhausted to keep my eyes open. Which is why I am super-prepared to keep myself busy for hours in many different ways! These are my must-haves when being on a long-distance flight:


You might be traveling to a 40 degrees hot destination, but be aware, that it can have freezing temperatures in the plane and also on all the other means of transportation. Apparently the hotter the country, the more they adore their air-condition and people love to set it below 20 degrees! Brrr!!!

star SOCKS

An additional pair of socks is life-saving for me! Choose socks that keep your feet warm but don’t take up too much space in your baggage.


Nothing better than a comfortable sleeping mask to blend out everything that goes on around you! With it you can get some rest even when the lights are still on!


Some airlines do offer earplugs for free (together with a sleeping mask, socks and a toothbrush), but if you are not sure, you better be prepared! You might even need the earplugs later on, if you are sleeping in a dorm room (or because of an ongoing party nearby that you are not invited to sad …).


Ever noticed that many people are coughing and sneezing a lot on airplanes? To avoid being one of them take a saline nasal spray with you to treat dry nasal passages caused by low humidity!


I couldn’t go anywhere without some wonderful music to keep me company! Therefore I always have my favorite tunes on my phone.


Be sure to take some entertaining and/or informative books with you! If you are a bookworm like me, you might want to get an ebook reader, like the Kindle Paperwhite. The Kindle is a better choice than a tablet if you also want to read in bright daylight.


No, I’m not talking about a laptop here (but you might as well take one with you). I am talking about something which should belong to your everyday pack list: A Moleskine to note down all your ideas while your creative juices are flowing! And we all know, they can strike at any time!

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