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KL! Kuala Lumpur! heart A city full of colorful contrasts and diversity! So much to see and discover – it was love at first sight! KL combines modern architecture and decayed beauty, cheap delicious street food and high-class restaurants … And that’s just a tiny little part! My feet got sore from all the daily explorations, but it was worth the pain!

Due to its good reviews, I chose to stay at the MySpace Inn. Even though the staff was a bit peculiar (but nice though), I enjoyed the five nights I spent there. It had such a cozy atmosphere and the other guests were calm and considerate, but also very good colloquists (and mostly bloggers too)! I could definitely imagine living there for a longer time period! smile

The monorail from the MySpace Inn to the city centre has been a wonderful starting point to gaze at the beautiful panorama of KL. I loved the rollercoaster-feeling to it! smile The iconic Petronas Twin Towers can already be seen from far away! They also mark the entrance to the KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre), yet another huge shopping mall to get lost in. These indoor venues are a good spot to escape the tropical heat, but a dangerous place for low-budget travelers. It’s not always easy to withstand the temptation and I have to admit, that I spent the first day buying proper clothes for the city. wink Also, the Malay love to set the air-condition at freezing temperatures. Which is completely irrational for me – however the locals love it and they don’t understand that it’s too cold for us (and even makes us sick).

I was so impressed by KL, that I’ve even grown fond of the daily thunderstorms! Those were the most intimidating thunderstorms I’ve ever experienced! It’s been raining cats and dogs and the peal of thunder sounded as if someone shot through a megaphone right next to you! bigsmile Everyday, in the late afternoon, soccer fields turned into lakes and kept the city’s vibrant green color alive. It was funny, standing next to people, waiting for the rain to pass, then simultaneously wince in anguish and laugh out loud afterwards! smile

The best memories from KL I connect to the people living there. They were warm, lovely and helpful beyond expectations! Once I asked Neil, the proud head barista of DR.Inc in Bangsar, about which direction to go, and eventually ended up getting a list of sights all around town! I had quite a hard time leaving afterwards, because he was such a wonderful conversationalist. smile Have a look at the blog post by Eat Drink KL and find out more about this artistic place!


Close to the uprising hipster community Bangsar lies Little India. There you’ll get a bit of an idea, how the „real“ India might be like: Colorful and vivid! Every store is playing Indian tunes loudly, which instantly got me into a dancing mood! bigsmile


When entering the Lake Gardens via the National Museum it appears as a very urban setting. Not even the water fountains are able to drown the urban sound of the streets. However, the deeper you walk into the park, the more natural it starts to feel. You’ll hear lots of birds singing happily and the intense chirping of crickets. There’s a bit too much concrete for my liking, but it’s still a lovely recreational area. I happened to share my table with two hungry crows and a curious squirrel. Therefore I started to feed them with words from L’Adultera by Theodor Fontane. bigsmile


The Menara KL (Menara means „tower“ in Malay) is built upon a hill and offers a spectacular view over the city. The entrance fee of RM 52,- is a bit hefty, but if you are into watching beautiful cityscapes, you definitely won’t regret it.


The indoor Central Market is a typical tourist shopping destination. Not exactly what I was looking for … But right next to the Central Market there’s the Kasturi Walk, an open-air flea market. I was happy to find some nice clothes, glasses and yummy local snacks there! smile


In walking distance from the Central Market lies China Town. Busy Jalan Petaling is another popular shopping street of KL. China Town is rather small, but it’s still dynamic and full of flair!


This oustanding temple immediately caught my attention! It is the oldest Hindu temple in KL and features an ornate tower in the style of South Indian temples, which is said to be the threshold between the material and spiritual world. I have to admit, that inside the temple there’s definitely a serene aura sensible …


On my last day, I went to see Masjid (= Mosque) Jamek. Unfortunately there has been a construction site on the outside, which took away a bit of its atmosphere. But luckily it was still possible to gaze at its beautiful architecture, made of red bricks and marble. It had been built in 1907 and is said to be the oldest mosque in Kuala Lumpur.

Oh, what a city! Go visit KL and fall in love yourself! heart

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  2. Steffi sagt:

    I <3 KL

    Wie immer super Fotos, da würd man am Liebsten gleich den Rucksack packen und losfliegen!

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