Useful Tips For Shooting Outdoors!

Any photographic beginner will most certainly start by shooting outdoors. There are some things to consider about available light, but if you know how to use it properly, you’ll be happy to have your own huge open-air studio! bigsmile

A book, which covers this topic in depth and which I found to be very useful, is Shooting in Sh*tty Light by Lindsay Adler and Erik Valind. Even after years of experience, I still absorbed new information from this precious book! I highly recommend it!


When shooting on sunny days, your main goal (besides taking fabulous pictures) is to avoid direct sunlight! Don’t be afraid of shaded areas. In fact, they’re going to be your best friends to get great results!

If you are about to shoot in direct sunlight, there might be some obstacles along your way: The shadows on the models face and body can make it very difficult to take a good picture. There gonna be lots of shadows, and mostly unwanted ones. But if you do manage to get the lighting right, then the model will probably be limited to a certain posture. And additionally, the model might have difficulties keeping her eyes open, because she/he will be blinded by the sunlight! But of course, if you know how to position the model, you can shoot in harsh sunlight and get great results too!

So what to do? First of all, consider the time of day when planning a photoshoot. Avoid midday sun, as it’s the most unflattering lighting condition there is! Then try to find some spot in the shade. Sometimes even the smallest space can be the perfect one! If there is no shaded area anywhere, create your own by using a Sun-Swatter. It creates a very soft and flattering light. Cheaper options would be a foam board from your local DIY warehouse or a black card board to block off overhead light.


Cloudy days are my favorite ones for photo shootings! The reason is simple: You’re not very limited to certain locations and you’re able to shoot anywhere in (almost) perfect light! There are wonderful smooth lighting conditions and no harsh shadows to escape from.

But of course, there are some restrictions too. Be aware that even on overcast days the light isn’t the same everywhere. Try different angles to get the most flattering results for your models. Often, the face of the model could use a bit of extra light too. Use a Sunbouncer to lighten unwanted shadows, especially under the eyes. As a bonus you’ll create wonderful catchlights inside the model’s eyes! smile

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