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My final destination in Southeastasia was Singapore – a city, of which I dreamed about visiting for many many years! It’s said to be the cleanest city of the world, enforcing its status with draconian laws. No smoking, no drinking, no durian (gotta love this one bigsmile ), no littering, no jumping, no running … The list goes on. Especially in the tropical heat I had to control myself not to take a sip of water in the MRT (metro) or at the station! Quite hard when you are used to drinking anywhere, whenever you feel thirsty.

I stayed at the Backpackers@SG, which was a nice clean dorm with interesting people: Among other travelers and one of the workers from the hostel itself, I shared the room with a 70-year-old man. He decided to rent out his own apartment to make some money and live in the hostel instead. Because of the interesting stories and helpful staff, the hostel had a very familiar atmosphere and it felt much more like a shared apartment. smile


Right next to the famous Ferris wheel called „Singapore Flyer“ you’ll find one of many food courts scattered around the city. I simply adore these places because they offer delicious and reasonably priced food from many different nations! Yum!

I decided to skip the expensive ride with the Singapore Flyer and strolled around the streets instead. Luckily, I came just in time for the beautiful light and water show (which you can see on the pictures above). More information on the show here: Marina Bay Sands.


What would a trip to Singapore be like without visiting the skypark of the spectacular hotel: Marina Bay Sands! The observation deck is situated on level 56, one level beneath the well-known infinity pool. Unfortunately this pool is restricted to Marina Bay Sands hotel guests only. sad

I recommend you visit the skypark around sunset, to get the most out of it. As there is no limitation on how long your stay shall last, you’ll be able to glance at the cityscape during day AND night!


On the other side of the bay you’ll find a giant green oasis. The Gardens By The Bay are a beautiful relaxation zone with free admission. By day you’ll be happy to discover all the diverse floral beauty, and at night there’s the so-called „Garden Rhapsody“, an enchanting light and sound show, which is not to be missed!


Colorful as usual presented Little India in Singapore itself to me! I always love the excitement going on in the streets! This time there were many tailors offering their services on every street corner. Call me old-fashioned, but it felt quite unusual to see men behind the sewing machine! bigsmile

Equally beautiful to the Indian temple in Kuala Lumpur was the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. These ornate towers are true eye candy! heart

Despite these laws, I was eager to see the cleanest city myself. Even though it was a very interesting and impressive city state, it somehow still lacked a bit of pizzazz. Nonetheless I would be happy to go back. smile

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