Quick Editing Tips For Travel Photos!

Editing your precious travel photos can be quite a challenge! You’ll probably have tons of wonderful memories saved on your harddrive and want to share the best with the world! But somehow they just don’t seem to resemble what you’ve really seen. Often they are dull or lack color and they still need some fine-tuning.

Hands up, if you know the pain of spending hours editing and never really achieving your desired results! :'( But help is on its way! Here are some simple tips on how to increase your editing speed when using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom!


Different lenses create different kind of optical distorsions. Lightroom’s Lens Corrections can easily correct these and improve your photo’s appearance. You’ll probably notice best on wide-angle photos, where there is an intense – and mostly unwanted – vignette effect.

lens corrections

star TRY „AUTO“

Sometimes it creates a real mess, but sometimes it can do magic too! Give the „Auto“-button a chance and see what happens! If maybe the contrast is too strong or the colors are too intense, you can adapt all these settings until your satisfied. Most often, it’s still saving you time!



These fancy sliders can make an almost grey sky become blue again and will help you alter or intensify nature’s colors! Adapt the Hue, Saturation and Luminance to receive vivid photos!

color sliders


Another great tool to save some of your precious time are presets! I’ve already presented some of my favorite free Lightroom presets in this blog post: 3 Yummy High-Quality Preset Packs For Lightroom! Go have a look!

If you prefer vivid colors and crisp images then the High Contrast Blow Lightroom Preset collection from Sleeklens might be a good choice for you! You’ll probably remember the Beginner’s Guide To Lightroom provided by Sleeklens, so you know that these guys really know their stuff! smile The collection includes 16 different presets including additional vignette options.

Please be aware of the fact, that presets can increase the value of your images by one click, but often a bit of fine-tuning is still needed! No preset will deliver perfect results on any type of photo. You might have to tweak some settings in Lightroom to get the best out of it. But presets surely will save you a lot (!) of time! smile

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  1. Steffi sagt:

    Super Tipps vor allem zum Zeit sparen!! Freu mich schon auf neue Tutorials von dir. ;)

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