Fancy Camera Fashion

[ADVERTISEMENT] How about you treat your beloved camera with a makeover for Christmas? I got my precious little baby a beautiful camera strap from! smile heart

I have to admit that I had such a hard time choosing just one of these designer products! Actually I was thinking about getting two, because sometimes different occasions crave for different styles. The Blue Mountain camera strap might be perfect to capture some hippiesque music festival moments, while the Geometric Black strap is a wonderful choice for business shootings or wedding photography. As it was my first product from KlickKlickZoom, I decided to just buy one. Compared to other websites the price is definitely around or even below the average! In the end I wanted something cheerful and chose the Blue Mountain!

When you are all gaga and can’t decide, you might just get two of these beauties. Because of the quickrelease you can easily change straps within seconds and always be styled properly! Now that I know about its good quality, I’ll definitely order another one soon!

The outside is made of quality cotton and leather – a beautiful treat for the eyes with designs, which are so en vogue! smile I just love their colorful styles! The inner part has a neoprene-padding, so it’s really comfortable on your neck – much better than the basic straps that your camera is being delivered with. I hated it, when my skin was all red and irritated. uneasy And who needs to know what kind of (expensive!) camera I am wearing around my neck? It seemed like an invitation for thieves …

Aaanyway! smile I’d highly recommend the camera straps from for yourself or maybe you want to buy a useful present for a fellow photographer friend? You’ll be guaranteed a big THANK YOU-smile!

So tell me: What do you think of mine and which one would you choose?

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