Lensbaby Composer Pro Test

[ADVERTISEMENT] Winter is taking its time and therefore I was able to go for a walk and inhale some deep breaths of fresh autumn air. I rather rarely walk around town, but today I realized once more, that walking up a tiny hill on a sunny day can make such a difference! It’s wonderful to enjoy the sounds of nature and the aerial view. Together with my camera I was able to clear my mind and to simply focus on the present. smile

For some years now I do own a Lensbaby Composer Pro incl. Double Glass Optic, but never got too fond of it. Maybe because I first tried it with models. It definitely takes some time to get the hang of it. Back then, after some pictures I didn’t want to waste the model’s and my time and switched back to the lenses I was familiar with. However, today, I had plenty of time to test the lensbaby and had a lot of fun experimenting in the golden nature!

I love the way you have to change the aperture disks. It kind of intensifies your understanding on how photography works. I started with f/5.6, then changed to f/2.8 for some close-ups, and afterwards changed to f/4. Also the fact, that you have to focus manually makes you concentrate on the basics again.

All photos are edited with VSCO FILM® 01 and 07.


  • It’s fun fun fun to try!
  • You can create quite artistic results – perfect for anyone, who loves to experiment!
  • It’s easy to create a pretty lens flare – in case you want it!
  • It also creates a wonderful bokeh!


  • It’s very rigid and makes it hard for minor adjustments.
  • It’s very difficult to get the focus right.
  • The minimum focus distance is quite high.
  • When tilted too far, you can see parts of the Lensbaby in the corner of your photos.

As many have discussed already, I agree on the fact, that you can recreate this effect in Adobe Photoshop easily. The lensbaby is really more or less a gimmick. But hey, aren’t these the ones that make a photographer’s life more fun?! smile

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