Arugam Bay // Sri Lanka

By the end of March I stayed for five nights at Sam’s Hut in Arugam Bay. The owner Kafool took such great care of me! smile Not only did he share useful information about surfing and help me organize my following trip to Ella; he even shared this lunch with me more than once (for free)!

In his cordial and charming way he made my stay worthwhile. He was such good company and I really enjoyed talking to him. Kafool told me to come again to Arugam Bay in November, when the waves are still good, the temperatures are pleasant and there won’t be too many tourists around. As you can imagine, I’d definitely love to stay at Sam’s Hut again! smile

While I was trying to catch some waves, I also got to know Kafool’s nephew. Fawas runs the Safa Surf Camp in Arugam Bay. Check out the video below and pay him a visit:

Now isn’t it awesome?! smile

As I’ve been to Arugam Bay one month before the season started, there wasn’t too much going on. Quite a blessing! The season is from mid-April to October. The beach is shared by both tourists and fishermen. Unfortuantely they clean their fishing nets and just leave the rubbish at the beach. Anyone, who ever been to South East Asia, may already be used to this view, but it still makes me sad to see these beautiful places covered in trash. uneasy

Arugam Bay is not very big and everything is within walking distance. In case you want to go to Arugam (town), you can either rent a tuktuk or a scooter, like I did. I always enjoy driving around to get an idea of the surrounding area. Arugam Bay itself is known for being a popular spot among surfers from all over the world. It has several surf breaks and is listed as one of the top ten surf points in the world. More info can be found on

Hopefully the cyclone Roanu hasn’t destroyed this lovely place. In case anyone has some information, please share. Thanks! heart

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