Saal-Digital Photobook Test

[ADVERTISEMENT] Luckily I had the pleasure to test one of Saal-Digitals photobooks! smile

They do offer lots of different kind of photobooks, which should be enough to please your individual needs. I chose to order the Fotobuch XT (extra thick), in hope of a super high-quality presentation for my favorite concert photos.


First you have to download their software to create your photobook. This is really advantageous because you can create it offline and you don’t depend on a permanent internet connection.

As usual, it takes a bit of time to get used to the software, but this one is quite user friendly.
Simply start by choosing your photobook type.

The good thing is that you can adapt all attributes at any times. You can add or delete pages, change the surface from glossy to matt (or vice versa) and add or remove the padding of the cover. All those options reflect on the price, of course.

What I find to be pretty overpriced is the option to remove the barcode from the book. Usually these books are for private use and no one ever likes to have a barcode on their pictures. Five euros for having it removed is bold, as the barcode itself has no use for the customer at all. Or at least none I know of.

As a photographer I’d like to let my photos speak for themselves. So in my case I don’t need all the colorful pre-designed layouts. What I find to be very useful though, are the plain layouts, and I wish that there were many more. Arranging frames isn’t really my specialty, so it would be really helpful, if they had more options available. Which is why I was a bit lazy and included all my photos in full size. However, that way my photos have a different kind of impact when looking at, plus I can form a better opinion on the printing quality.

To satisfy your curiosity, here’s a link to my finished photobook: Concerts XT


Production time and delivery time are about two days each, which is pleasingly fast.

The printing quality is really satisfying, as every photo is just as sharp as it’s supposed to be! I’m also very happy about the padding, which makes the final product appear more high-grade. And i just looove the thick pages. The look and feel is simply amazing!

However, what I really don’t like is that the first and last photo on the inside is stuck on the book cover. I wish there’d be a plain page in between. uneasy

To be fair, my concerns about the barcode were pretty much too excessive. It’s just a tiny little QR-code on the last two pages. It’s really not that disturbing. But I’d love to have it only on the book cover and not on the inside too. It might be useful for the production process, but still I don’t feel like five euros are a reasonable price to pay to have it removed.

In my opinion, the price of € 40,95 (excl. shipping costs) for just seven pages is too expensive. But all in all, I really like the photobook! smile

Have you had any experience with Saal-Digitals photobooks? How would you rate them? smile
Or do you have any favorite photobook shops I should know of? Let me know your thoughts!

2 Antworten zu “Saal-Digital Photobook Test”

  1. Hi Julia,
    nice to read about your opinion and experience about the products of Saal.
    I can really understand your concerns about the barcode, that´s also what makes me unconfortable cause I want a clean and minimalistic product.

    I´ve had my experiences too, the „leather“-cover is quite neat. I wrote a bit about my thoughts here
    Very interesting for me is to be able to create the book in the design-software of my choice. That´s cool :)

    Have a nice day and keep printing your pictures! :)

    – Chris

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