Alu-Dibond by ZOR

[ADVERTISEMENT] Lucky me was asked to review the quality of a product. I ordered my favorite photo from Kep // Cambodia and was waiting curiously for the product being delivered. I was wondering how the soft tonal variations would turn out in print.


The whole ordering process is pretty easy. Actually, the hardest part is to decide on which image to print. bigsmile
First you have to choose between Alu-Dibond, Plexiglass or Forex. I’ve never ordered a print on Alu-Dibond before, so that was my first choice. Then simply upload your photo and choose your size. You’ll probably notice by now, that they offer the best prices on the market to date! 40 x 60 cm is only € 15,99! mrgreen
After some slight adjustments, such as cropping or rotating the photo, you’re already done!

Simply proceed to your shopping cart to fill out your address and choose your preferred shipping and payment method. Unfortunately, in this section, where you are supposed to enter all details, the words are mixed in German, English and French, which can be confusing.

The production took quite some time. I had to wait 14 days until it had been delivered. But this was no surprise as they already point this out on their website.


The prints were securely wrapped to avoid any damage. I also ordered a print on plexiglass, which had been protected with an additional film. This way you receive your plexiglass-product free from any scratches.

The colors turned out just perfect and the prints are tack-sharp! I love how all the details are visible.

Altogether I am very happy with the products and I can recommend to anyone!

The images below had been taken in natural light; ISO was set to 400. Therefore a bit of noise is visible.

What is your favorite printing service? Do you have any experiences with so far? Comment below! smile

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