Midburn 2018 // Israel

Midburn 2018

Midburn is a festival in the heart of Isreal, which I had the pleasure to be a part of. The Israeli Burning Man community enrichens their culture since 2011 by setting up a temporary city full of art and love in the Negev desert. Enjoy this playground for each and everyone. Welcome Home. heart

Arugam Bay // Sri Lanka

By the end of March I stayed for five nights at Sam’s Hut in Arugam Bay. The owner Kafool took such great care of me! smile Not only did he share useful information about surfing and help me organize my following trip to Ella; he even shared this lunch with me more than once (for […]

Yala National Park // Sri Lanka

Yala National Park // Sri Lanka

After some relaxing days in Hikkaduwa I booked a trip to Yala National Park. The National Park itself was not as boring as the lack of photos may suggest. But then again, it also wasn’t as exciting as I expected it to be … neutral Many travel agencies offer day trips from Hikkaduwa to Yala […]

Hikkaduwa // Sri Lanka

As I’ve been drooling for the sea and some underwater excitement, I quickly escaped noisy Colombo – the capital city of Sri Lanka – and made my way to Hikkaduwa. The train ride from Maradana train station to Hikkaduwa is only 160 rupees (for 2nd class) and it takes about 2.5 hours. I was so […]

Dubai // United Arab Emirates


Your main goal in Dubai is to either be rich, or at least to look like a rich person! Everything is super-superficial and it’s all about appearance. People seem to care only about themselves and don’t really pay attention to one another. Especially in the metro, they don’t consider other people at all. Women are […]

Singapore // Singapore

singapore // www.juliadresch.com

My final destination in Southeastasia was Singapore – a city, of which I dreamed about visiting for many many years! It’s said to be the cleanest city of the world, enforcing its status with draconian laws. No smoking, no drinking, no durian (gotta love this one bigsmile ), no littering, no jumping, no running … […]

Kuala Lumpur // Malaysia

kuala lumpur // www.juliadresch.com

KL! Kuala Lumpur! heart A city full of colorful contrasts and diversity! So much to see and discover – it was love at first sight! KL combines modern architecture and decayed beauty, cheap delicious street food and high-class restaurants … And that’s just a tiny little part! My feet got sore from all the daily […]

Koh Tunsay // Cambodia

koh tunsay // www.juliadresch.com

Koh Tunsay (also known as Koh Tonsai or Rabbit Island) is a small island about 5 kilometers away from Kep. The main beach on the west side, with its white sandy beach and giant palm trees, is the only one with bungalows for rent. It is also the perfect spot for uber-romantic sunsets! smile I’m […]

Phnom Penh // Cambodia

Phnom Penh // www.juliadresch.com

In Phnom Penh I shot my favorite collection of street photo treasures. Watching the street life was one of my favorite leisure-time activities in Cambodia! It always made me laugh so hard, when they were passing by with either loads of people on one scooter (A family of five? No problem!) or plenty of goods […]

Kampot // Cambodia

kampot // www.juliadresch.com

At the base of the Elephant Mountains you’ll find an old provincial capital, known for its famous quality pepper: Kampot! During the day it’s hauntingly calm as in a ghost town. This city seems only to come to life at night (just another proof that this MUST be a ghost town!). Kampot is somehow a […]