Quick Editing Tips For Travel Photos!


Editing your precious travel photos can be quite a challenge! You’ll probably have tons of wonderful memories saved on your harddrive and want to share the best with the world! But somehow they just don’t seem to resemble what you’ve really seen. Often they are dull or lack color and they still need some fine-tuning. […]

Dubai // United Arab Emirates


Your main goal in Dubai is to either be rich, or at least to look like a rich person! Everything is super-superficial and it’s all about appearance. People seem to care only about themselves and don’t really pay attention to one another. Especially in the metro, they don’t consider other people at all. Women are […]

Beginner’s Guide To Lightroom


 [ADVERTISEMENT] This guest post is brought to you by Jane from Sleeklens. Enjoy! Imagine someone telling you that with just a simple computer software, you can actually become a better photographer … Moreover, that all you have to do is practice long and hard in order to improve, as it is designed for photographers? Are […]

Singapore // Singapore

singapore // www.juliadresch.com

My final destination in Southeastasia was Singapore – a city, of which I dreamed about visiting for many many years! It’s said to be the cleanest city of the world, enforcing its status with draconian laws. No smoking, no drinking, no durian (gotta love this one bigsmile ), no littering, no jumping, no running … […]

MAKING OF … Artifice

Here’s a video of my common retouching process, using the example of my „Artifice„-series: Music by CHiLL-iLL. I try to work in a non-destructive way, which means, that it is possible to undo every step of processing at any given time. To do so, it is important to work with layers and layer masks, and […]

Kuala Lumpur // Malaysia

kuala lumpur // www.juliadresch.com

KL! Kuala Lumpur! heart A city full of colorful contrasts and diversity! So much to see and discover – it was love at first sight! KL combines modern architecture and decayed beauty, cheap delicious street food and high-class restaurants … And that’s just a tiny little part! My feet got sore from all the daily […]

Useful Tips For Shooting Outdoors!

lighting tips

Any photographic beginner will most certainly start by shooting outdoors. There are some things to consider about available light, but if you know how to use it properly, you’ll be happy to have your own huge open-air studio! bigsmile A book, which covers this topic in depth and which I found to be very useful, […]

Koh Tunsay // Cambodia

koh tunsay // www.juliadresch.com

Koh Tunsay (also known as Koh Tonsai or Rabbit Island) is a small island about 5 kilometers away from Kep. The main beach on the west side, with its white sandy beach and giant palm trees, is the only one with bungalows for rent. It is also the perfect spot for uber-romantic sunsets! smile I’m […]

5 Useful Tips For Aspiring Fashion Models!

tips for models // www.juliadresch.com

Everyone knows: If you wanna be treated like a professional model, you gotta act like one! In case you’re at the beginning of your modelling career, you should read these tips carefully. Write me a comment, if you’ve got something to add! Thanks in advance! smile star BEAUTY TREATMENT Be yourself – Be natural! There’s […]

Phnom Penh // Cambodia

Phnom Penh // www.juliadresch.com

In Phnom Penh I shot my favorite collection of street photo treasures. Watching the street life was one of my favorite leisure-time activities in Cambodia! It always made me laugh so hard, when they were passing by with either loads of people on one scooter (A family of five? No problem!) or plenty of goods […]