HOW TO … Improve Your Sleep!

how to improve your sleep //

This ain’t a photography tip nor a travel-related post, but still worth a read as it comes in very handy! smile Do you belong to those people, who are working late at night and then – even when they’re super-tired – have trouble getting some rest? Well, I do. uneasy This is why I tested […]

Bangkok // Thailand

A girl from Thailand probably had the best words to describe this city: „It’s a shopping paradise for women, and a sex paradise for men!“. To be fair though, it sometimes also works vice versa. wink Of course Bangkok has a lot more to offer than just sex and stuff. What I love the most, […]

3 Yummy High-Quality Preset Packs For Lightroom!

lightroom presets //

Adobe Lightroom presets are a wonderful tool to edit your photos in a simple and efficient way! There are plenty of presets out there, but it can be a pain in the ass (forgive my language) to find really good ones! And it is even harder to get quality presets for free. Therefore, I want […]

Kep // Cambodia

kep //

Until the 1960s Kep was one of the most popular coastal towns in Cambodia. It then had been destroyed by the Khmer Rouge during civil war, and therefore you’ll still find many abandoned and derelict colonial buildings around town. Now it starts to regain popularity mostly among national, but also among international tourists. Kep is […]

MAKING OF … Petite Samba

making of petite samba //

This used to be my former living room before I decided to move out and travel around Southeast Asia! Oh how I miss those wonderful vintage double-wing doors! They were not only wonderful to look at and made the room look posh and sophisticated, but also have they been a very useful background for photo […]

Sihanoukville // Cambodia

sihanoukville //

After taking the Virak Bun Tham night bus from Siem Reap – hence all the negative feedback they got online –, I arrived unexpectedly well-rested in Sihanoukville. The bunk beds inside this „Hotel Bus“ were pretty small (about 170 cm x 120 cm). Luckily there was an inconspicuous Khmer man next to me, who sometimes […]

HOW TO … Take Concert Photos!


Have you always wanted to take concert photos, but you have no idea how to approach it? Here are five tips to get you started! star CHOOSE A WIDE-APERTURE LENS! Wide aperture lenses are a must have for concert photographers! There is almost never enough light for standard zoom lenses to get a proper shot […]

Koh Phayam // Thailand

koh phayam //

The new adventure started with the local bus from Khao Sok via Takua Pa to Ranong. It can get really cozy in these busses when everyone is sleeping on each other’s shoulders, while babies are crawling on the floor. bear To escape Ranong’s fishy flavor it is best to hop on a boat to wonderful […]

MAKING OF … Ambiguous

making of ambiguous //

Have you ever wondered how I created the photos of my „Ambiguous„-series? Here is a little background-information for you! smile On the photo and lighting diagram below, you can see my lighting setup. I used two strobes: The main light source was a medium-sized softbox, and to add more interest in the shot I added […]

Koh Lanta // Thailand

koh lanta //

… this is where I left my heart! heart I was quite insecure in the beginning, if Koh Lanta might be the right island for me. But I am extremely happy that I put all my pondering aside and visited it regardless all doubts! smile Lanta had everything I was looking for: a laid-back atmosphere, […]