Koh Phi Phi // Thailand

Koh Phi Phi // juliadresch.com

Welcome to crowded beaches, unreasonable prices and annoying people! This island is just as touristy as it can be! Every night you can get drunk with cheap (but, to be honest, also very tasty) buckets (preferably of mojito!) and dance till your soles get sore! Which is fun at times, and survivable for one or […]

Analog Appeal: Iron Beads

Iron Beads © Julia Dresch

Sooo happy, that finally I’m able to share this with you! smile This project had been stuck in my mind for at least two or three years before getting around to do it! Problem was, that I wanted to do it in the most efficient way possible. During my Christmas holidays I eventually began with […]

Erl // Austria

erl by julia dresch

On the second day of Christmas, I woke up to an ethereal winter wonderland! Over night the whole country had been covered in snow! The one logical conclusion was to grab my camera, put on my warm and cozy hand-knitted socks and get out to range the woods together with my sister! smile These had […]

Inspiring Music Videos #02: Glitter

[ADVERTISEMENT] In Inspiring Music Videos #01 it has been rather dark and moody. This time, I’ll bring some more light and optimism into this blog post! Let’s get shiny! star Make it sparkle and I’m madly in love within seconds! Yes, … apparently I’m as simple as that! These are by far the most wonderful […]

Edinburgh // United Kingdom


In 2010, my first intention was to visit my friends Steffi and Daniel (from www.wir-sind-dann-mal-weg.com) on their trip around the world in Bali/Indonesia. But as the prices for flights were terribly expensive, I decided to fulfill a long-standing wish of mine and booked a trip to Scotland’s capital city. smile This has been the first […]

Inspiring Music Videos #01: Dark

[ADVERTISEMENT] Music videos have always been a great source of inspiration to me. In my first years of university I was much more interested in videography rather than photography. To be honest, I wasn’t even able to set the focus correctly when taking a picture. Happily this problem has been solved by now. wink Especially […]

Copenhagen // Denmark


For my birthday I decided to leave the everyday routine behind and treat myself with a trip to Copenhagen! I truly love the northern mentality, their aesthetic designs and the unsettled weather. heart Denmark definitely isn’t a low priced country, but even tourists on a low budget can experience lots of lovely places in and […]

My Bucket List

my bucket list

Is there a better way to start a blog, than with writing a bucket list? Well, I don’t think so! question „So what is a bucket list?“, I hear you ask. It’s a list of things you’ll definitely want to do before you kick the bucket (a.k.a. die). And as we all know, this day […]