Koh Ta Kiev // Cambodia

koh ta kiev // www.juliadresch.com

A lovely quiet place and still a rather unknown spot is beautiful Koh Ta Kiev in Cambodia. In around 45 minutes a fishing boat takes you from Sihanoukville to this undazzled paradise. The island itself is 28 square kilometers big and you can easily explore it within a day. Many tourists just visit Koh Ta […]

Khao Sok // Thailand

khao sok // www.juliadresch.com

Khao Sok is a sweet and small town in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by all the beauty of the national park. I instantly fell in love with its calmness and naturalness. heart There were leaves as big as my upper body, snakes fighting next to me in the jungle, monkey bathing in the river, […]

Bangkok // Thailand

A girl from Thailand probably had the best words to describe this city: „It’s a shopping paradise for women, and a sex paradise for men!“. To be fair though, it sometimes also works vice versa. wink Of course Bangkok has a lot more to offer than just sex and stuff. What I love the most, […]

Kep // Cambodia

kep // www.juliadresch.com

Until the 1960s Kep was one of the most popular coastal towns in Cambodia. It then had been destroyed by the Khmer Rouge during civil war, and therefore you’ll still find many abandoned and derelict colonial buildings around town. Now it starts to regain popularity mostly among national, but also among international tourists. Kep is […]

Sihanoukville // Cambodia

sihanoukville // www.juliadresch.com

After taking the Virak Bun Tham night bus from Siem Reap – hence all the negative feedback they got online –, I arrived unexpectedly well-rested in Sihanoukville. The bunk beds inside this „Hotel Bus“ were pretty small (about 170 cm x 120 cm). Luckily there was an inconspicuous Khmer man next to me, who sometimes […]

Koh Phayam // Thailand

koh phayam // juliadresch.com

The new adventure started with the local bus from Khao Sok via Takua Pa to Ranong. It can get really cozy in these busses when everyone is sleeping on each other’s shoulders, while babies are crawling on the floor. bear To escape Ranong’s fishy flavor it is best to hop on a boat to wonderful […]

Koh Lanta // Thailand

koh lanta // juliadresch.com

… this is where I left my heart! heart I was quite insecure in the beginning, if Koh Lanta might be the right island for me. But I am extremely happy that I put all my pondering aside and visited it regardless all doubts! smile Lanta had everything I was looking for: a laid-back atmosphere, […]

Koh Phi Phi // Thailand

Koh Phi Phi // juliadresch.com

Welcome to crowded beaches, unreasonable prices and annoying people! This island is just as touristy as it can be! Every night you can get drunk with cheap (but, to be honest, also very tasty) buckets (preferably of mojito!) and dance till your soles get sore! Which is fun at times, and survivable for one or […]

Erl // Austria

erl by julia dresch

On the second day of Christmas, I woke up to an ethereal winter wonderland! Over night the whole country had been covered in snow! The one logical conclusion was to grab my camera, put on my warm and cozy hand-knitted socks and get out to range the woods together with my sister! smile These had […]

Edinburgh // United Kingdom


In 2010, my first intention was to visit my friends Steffi and Daniel (from www.wir-sind-dann-mal-weg.com) on their trip around the world in Bali/Indonesia. But as the prices for flights were terribly expensive, I decided to fulfill a long-standing wish of mine and booked a trip to Scotland’s capital city. smile This has been the first […]